What You Should Know About Personal Umbrella Insurance

  • Are you a candidate for a $1,000,000 lawsuit?
  • Do you own your home?
  • Do you own a vacation home?
  • Do you own waterfront property?
  • Do you have a swimming pool?
  • Do you own more than one automobile?
  • Do you own a luxury automobile?
  • Do you own a power or sail boat?
  • Do you own a dog?
  • Do you have above-average family income?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, you might be a target for a million dollar suit. Actually, even if you answered "no", there is always the possibility of being sued for a million dollars or more, although the majority of major suits are leveled against people who answer "yes" to one or more of these questions.

Important Facts About Major Lawsuits

  • You don't have to be a millionaire to be sued like a millionaire.
  • Juries don't seem to care about the ability to pay when they award million dollar judgements.
  • You auto insurance will protect you only to the limits of your liability coverage.
  • Your homeowners insurance will protect you only to the limits of your liability coverage.
  • You might not have done anything wrong and still be forced to pay. (Even a fenced-in-pool has been deemed an attractive nuisance.)
  • You can lose nearly everything you own, and still be liable to pay more out of future earnings.

The Simple Solution

  • Look into at least $1 million umbrella liability protection — over and above your basic homeowners and automobile liability limits.
  • Make sure the umbrella you purchase covers you for motor vehicle and watercraft operations.
  • Be certain you are covered for incidents involving any property covered by your homeowners policy.
  • Ask about coverage for incidents involving libel, slander, character defamation, privacy invasion and false arrest.
  • You want everyone in your household (relatives or others residing with you) to be covered.
  • Make sure you understand all that is covered and all that is not covered. (Among exclusions are usually professional liability, business liability, and aircraft liability.)
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